Welcome to Gwion

gwion is a strongly timed programming language for making music.

It is strongly influenced by chuck, but adds a bunch of high-level features: templating, first-class functions and more.

It aims to be simple, small, fast, extendable and embeddable.

gwion was originally designed and created by Jérémie Astor. He is a musician, who made it to assist in his shows/compositions.

We are currently looking for contributions, you can learn how to make some here.

And now for the hello world

Here is the piece of code you're waiting for:

<<< "Hello, World!" >>>;

(Bag of) Features

Try me

There's a gwion repl in the wild. You can try the language there

built with mdr and mdBook
You'll find the source here, Luke! note: privacy guards may interfere with the playground