Contributing translations

First off, thank you for considering translating gwion.

Thanks to the build system, you're gonna get on tracks fast.

Make your live easier use export TRANSLATION_TARGET=xxx so you don't have to repeat it on the command line

Step 1: Init the translation language

You have to make sure there is a directory for your target language (e.g.: fr, en, es_ES ...).

make translation-init TRANSLATION_TARGET=<xxx>

Where <xxx> is your language of choice. It will fail if your language already exists, but this is not a problem.

Step 2: Edit

Next, you should adjust the translations. What about using your favorite editor?

make translation-edit TRANSLATION_TARGET=<xxx>

Step 3: Update

Maybe the sources changed, and there is more messages to translate?

make translation-update

This will update all languages.
You can now get back to step 2.

Step 4: Add to VCS

It's now time to add your changes to the package

make translation-commit TRANSLATION_TARGET=<xxx>

In Gwion's case, the vcs is the well known git,
but the make recipe makes things simple

Now please submit a pull request.

built with mdr and mdBook
You'll find the source here, Luke! note: privacy guards may interfere with the playground