Gwion On Windows

Get the sources

The source is accessible on github.

Provided you have git installed, you can get it with:

git clone --recursive

then change to the source directory

cd Gwion

Setting up

Make sure that you have the following programs installed, and that they are in your path :

  • touch
  • a C compiler, in this example we will use gcc

First, we need to define some enviromment variables

set CC=gcc

Next we need to create some directories

mkdir .d
cd util
mkdir .d
cd ../ast
mkdir .d
cd ..

now, look for something like ast/libprettyerr/libprettyerr.a:, and replace the relevant command with:

@+set CFLAGS_=${CFLAGS} && set CFLAGS=-I<your current dir>/util/libtermcolor/include && ${MAKE} -s -C ast/libprettyerr static && set CFLAGS=CFLAGS_

where <your current dir> is the absolute path to the current working directory

and finally run

built with mdr and mdBook
You'll find the source here, Luke! note: privacy guards may interfere with the playground